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Below you will find some resources that we at ADI have found helpful.  If you have questions about these materials or if you are looking for something specific please let us know by using the Contact Us page.

Creating Common Language

When discussing diversity issues it is important to work from a common set of definitions and for everyone to know what they are.  Wondering what diversity, inclusion, culture, and cultural competence mean?  Check out this easy to understand guide from the Cultural Competency Learning Institute (CCLI) at the Association of Science Technology Centers.  You can visit their website at with this and much more information at

Creating Cultural Competence

What is Cultural Competence?  What does it look like for you as an individual?  What does it look like for an organization?  There are multiple models of cultural competence but one common model is the Bennett Model developed by Milton Bennett and consists of a continuum of six stages moving from “ethnocentrism” to “ethnorelativism.”  Watch the video below to understand what cultural competence is and how it benefits us all. 

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