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Our Team

ADI is led by a dedicated group of individuals.  The current Core Team consists of our staff, and several representatives from our affiliate organizations. In addition to the core team, ADI is served by an equally talented and robust Advisory Board.  


Melanie Reding, ADI Communications

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Core Team

Pete Nelson, ADI Co-Founder, North Country Community College

Martha Swan, John Brown Lives!

Rocci Aguirre, Adirondack Council

Jen Kretser, The Wild Center

Paul Hai, SUNY ESF

Cali Brooks, Adirondack Foundation

Willie Janeway, Adirondack Council

Jacob Vennie- Vollrath, ANCA

Kim Irland, North Country Community College

James McKenna, ROOST

Kate Fish, Adirondack North Country Association

Shaun Kittle, ROOST

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Advisory Board

Dr. J.W. Wiley

Author, Chief Diversity Officer, Lecturer and Consultant at SUNY Plattsburgh, founder and President of Xamining Diversity.

Ex Officio

Ellen Bettmann

Nationally- recognized leader in the fields of anti-bias education and cultural diversity, 17 years as National Director Training and Resources for the Anti-Defamation League

Upper Saranac/New Hampshire

Dr. Donathan Brown

Associate Professor at Ithaca College and 2017 United States Fulbright Scholar in Race and Public Policy


Carol Cain

Award-winning travel writer and diversity advocate, founder of and ambassador for The American Latino Heritage Fund (ALHF) of the National Park Foundation.

NYC ... and the whole world!

Kathleen Scottie Ginn

Retired Vice-President of Engineering at IBM, co-chair of the IBM Executive GLBT Task Force for 16 years


Brian McNaught

The world's leading corporate diversity consultant dealing with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues in the workplace.  Best-selling author of four watershed books on gay issues, all of which are used as college texts.

Tupper Lake

Aaron Schwartz

Staff Assistant at SUNY Plattsburgh's Center for Diversity Pluralism and Inclusion


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