ADI's Cultural Consciousness Program

Cultural Consciousness Training

It’s not diversity training, it’s cultural consciousness. 

Standard diversity trainings might make participants feel good, but they do little to expose structural racism or change behaviors. In fact, diversity training can have the unintended effect of obscuring and thus reproducing structural racism.  ADI’s Cultural Consciousness program uses a cognitive-behavioral approach to deepen understandings of culture, socialization, race and racism so that participants can become aware of why and how they think and act in certain ways, and then effect positive behavioral changes. Cognitive journaling and reflection are key components of this work- this is not passive learning! Building cultural consciousness is a necessary first step to building critical consciousness, which is a precondition for meaningful action against oppression. 

The training is made up of a An a Welcomeness Audit and the following:

  1. Introductions – What is Culture and Cultural Background Stories

  2. Danger of the Single Story, Intercultural Spectrum & the Cycle of Socialization

  3. Social Identity, Power, Privilege, and Oppression

  4. The Ladder of Inference

  5. What Now???

Cultural Consciousness Training is currently being engaged by four institutions/organizations in the Adirondacks: Eagle Island Camp in Saranac Lake, Northern Lights School in Saranac Lake, North Country School in Lake Placid, and ANCA.